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Series: Kids Science News Network
Duration: 00:00:58
Year Produced: 2004

NASA Kids Science News segment explaining the technology of CDs.

NASA Kids Science News Network™ is a news-style standards-based program that uses the Web, animation, and video to introduce science, technology, engineering, math, and NASA concepts. NASA's KSNN™ uses animated characters (grades K-2) and Web and video technology (grades 3-5) to explain everyday phenomena of our world, correct misconceptions, and answer frequently asked questions.

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Hi, I'm Jessica with more
technology news you can use.

How does a CD work?

I'm not sure.

I'm just glad it can be done.

Believe it or not, sound is not
really recorded onto a CD.

A computer changes sound
into ones and zeroes
called a digital code.

This special code
is then put onto the CD as pits.

So how does a CD
ever play music?

When the CD turns, a laser beam
hits the pits and bounces back
after reading
the digital code numbers.

The computer, or your CD player,
understands the code
and changes it into sound--
well, music anyway.

That's amazing!

If you think that's amazing,
the track that holds the music
is only half a micron wide,
and 40 microns are as wide
as a human hair.

Does NASA use this technology?

All the time!

To see how,
check out our website.

Until next time,
I'm Jessica with cool
technology news you can use.