Wind Tunnels

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Series: Kids Science News Network
Duration: 00:00:58
Year Produced: 2004

NASA Kids Science News segment explaining how wind tunnels work and what they do.

NASA Kids Science News Network™ is a news-style standards-based program that uses the Web, animation, and video to introduce science, technology, engineering, math, and NASA concepts. NASA's KSNN™ uses animated characters (grades K-2) and Web and video technology (grades 3-5) to explain everyday phenomena of our world, correct misconceptions, and answer frequently asked questions.

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Hi, I'm RJ with more KSNN
technology news you can use.

What is a wind tunnel?

A wind tunnel
is a tubelike structure
used to test different types
of airplanes.

Wind tunnels make air
move past an airplane
just like it's really flying
through the air.

A big fan usually makes the wind
that moves past the plane.

Wow, wind tunnels must really
be big to hold a whole plane.

NASA has some of the largest
wind tunnels in the world.

NASA even has small tunnels
to test scale model planes
before the real aircraft
is built.

This saves a lot of time
and money.

Wind tunnels work so well that
no aircraft is built or flown
until tested in a wind tunnel.

Can they test anything else
besides aircraft
in wind tunnels?

Yes, they even test race cars
and Mars spacecrafts.

To find out more
about wind tunnels,
check out our website.

Until next time,
I'm RJ with more cool
technology news you can use.

Virginia Standards

3rd Grade SOLs » Science » 3.11
4th Grade SOLs » Science » 4.6