Designing Aircraft

Program Information

Series: NASA Connect
Program: The Future of Flight Equation
Duration: 00:05:46
Year Produced: 2001

NASA Connect segment explaining the tools, techniques, and requirements of designing an aircraft. The segment also explains the importance in wind tunnels and model planes.

NASA CONNECT™ is a series of Emmy®-award-winning, math-focused programs. Each program supports the national math, science, and technology standards and has three components that include (1) a 30-minute television broadcast; (2) a companion educator's guide; and (3) an online activity that further explores topics presented in the broadcast. These programs establish a connection between the math, science, and technology concepts taught in the classroom to those same concepts used everyday by NASA researchers.

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Virginia Standards

4th Grade SOLs » Science » 4.6
6th Grade SOLs » Science » 6.8